Dog found crying at shelter – then staff take one photo that changes her life

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, an image can save lives.

That’s exactly what happened when the employees at the animal welfare organisation High Plains Humane Society photographed a sad dog in a shelter in the state of New Mexico, USA. They uploaded said photo to Facebook – and then things began to develop at an incredible pace.

High Plains Humane Society is an organisation that works to help homeless animals. They work compassionately, and try to find new homes not only for animals that have been abandoned, but also for those that have lived their entire lives on the streets.

Obviously, they’ve seen many dogs in need of their help – but one touched them in particular.

© HPHS / Facebook

The organisation visited a shelter in order to take photos of all the dogs there. This was with the aim of creating adverts, so that they might find the animals new homes.

After they uploaded the images to Facebook, they realised that one specific picture grabbed their intention.

One little dog had looked into the camera with sad eyes; tears running down her face. Although it’s likely that these tears were as a result of inflammation, it was clear that the dog was miserable.

She was more than ready to embark on a new life with a loving family.

The image of the dog spread like wildfire on the internet. The organisation received a large number of requests from people willing to adopt her, proving, once again, the strong power of the web.


© HPHS / Facebook

In the end, a woman was chosen – one who was a perfect match for the pup. As you can see, the tears are pretty dried up now; today she’s happier than ever.

Now she can finally play with other dogs, as well as get the love and attention she deserves from her new owner.

All dogs deserve a doting family.

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