Dog finally finds a forever home after spending half her life in shelter: 'Our hearts are so full'

Dog finally finds a forever home after spending half her life in shelter: ‘Our hearts are so full’

There are so many dogs in shelters who want nothing more than to finally get adopted. But sadly, it takes some longer than others — to the point that many dogs spend most of their lives in shelters, never knowing a real home.

That was the case for one beautiful dog, who spent half of her life waiting to find a forever home. And recently, she finally got the happy ending she deserved after getting adopted.

Prudence is about a year-and-a-half old, but spent half of her young life at SPCA Cincinnati, waiting for a permanent home. While the dog was described as a “beautiful girl with a personality to match,” 220 days passed without anyone adopting her.

The shelter did everything they could to get the word out about this sweet dog, but wanted to find a home well-suited to Prudence’s personality: a one-pet household that could give her all the love and attention she needs.

“She has never lived with other animals and seems to prefer to be the queen of her castle,” the SPCA wrote. “She loves to be the center of attention and will follow you around in hopes that you’ll give her snacks or a simple pat on the head.”

Prudence also underwent a hip surgery, making her predisposed to arthritis, but she has no trouble getting around.

Months passed, and after being in the shelter for nearly a year, she would soon have spent the majority of her life as a shelter dog.

“Although we love Prudence (and would miss her vivacious personality) we NEED to find Prudence her FOREVER,” the SPCA wrote on Facebook. “She deserves it.”

Thankfully, Prudence soon got her happy ending: on October 14, the Cincinnati SPCA announced that Prudence had finally found her forever home!

While it took some time, it seems like they found a perfect match for Prudence. Photos show the dog overjoyed to be with her new family.

“Her family is AMAZING,” the SPCA wrote. “Prudence was instantly in LOVE.”

“Although we will miss her dearly, we are so happy and emotional to say that she has found her FOREVER.”

We’re so glad this beautiful dog finally found the perfect forever home after spending so much of her life in a shelter. Every dog deserves this kind of happy ending.

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