Dog dumped by family on New Year's Eve - refused to leave her blanket believing they would return

Dog dumped by family on New Year’s Eve – refused to leave her blanket believing they would return

For a family or individual to take in a dog the presumption would be that they love and respect dogs.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, as was recently highlighted by a sad story in Dallas.

When one family moved to a new house in Dallas, they left their unwanted belongings on the side of the street ready for the trash men to take away.

Included in that pile was their family dog Camilla who was left all alone on New Year’s Eve with only her blanket for comfort.


Abandoned dog lying on old blanket
Dallas DogRRR

No food or water was left for this poor dog; she was just dumped on the street on a chilly winter’s night.

Instead of looking for food or trying to find shelter, Camilla refused to leave her blanket in the hope that her family would return.

Abandoned dog sitting in Dallas alleyway
Dallas DogRRR

But sadly they didn’t.

When Marina Tarashevska, co-founder of the animal rights organization Dallas DogRRR decided to go for  walk around her neighborhood on New Year’s Day she found Camilla clinging to her blanket.

Scared looking dog sitting on bed
Dallas DogRRR

“It was really cold and rainy, and the dog was lying on her blanket — and she wouldn’t leave it,” Patti Dawson, executive director of Dallas DogRRR, told The Dodo.

“I think she was still thinking her family would come back. She was in that stage of, ‘I’ll just wait here. This is familiar,’” she added.

Sad looking dog lying on bed
Dallas DogRRR

Marina talked to concerned neighbors who confirmed that the dog had been abandoned.

She then decided to rescue the dog, a task easier said than done.

“Anytime Marina got close to that blanket, she would run off,” Patti said.

Dallas DogRRR

Then Marina had an idea; each time the dog ran off, she pulled the blanket down the alleyway toward her own house.

Marina did this for an hour until the blanket and the dog arrived at her backyard. She was then able to grab hold of the dog and get her into the safety of a kennel.

The dog, now named Camilla, was terrified.

“She basically was curled up into a ball in the back of the crate,” Patti said. “You could touch her, but she was frozen in fear. Wouldn’t make eye contact, kept her head down. If you got close to her, she would put her head into the back of the kennel, like, ‘Don’t look at me, don’t make eye contact with me, don’t touch me. Stay away.’”

Dallas DogRRR

Fresh wounds were spotted on her neck and Camilla was taken to the vet who said it could have been from a fight with another dog,

She was treated not just for her physical wounds but also her emotional ones too.

According to Patti, Camilla is making great progress and now feels safer with people.

“She’s doing great. Her personality is slowly coming out, and she’s starting to trust,” Patti told The Dodo.

Dallas DogRRR

Camilla now lives in a foster home and is enjoying lots of love and attention until a forever home can be found for her.

Such an incredibly sad story. I can’t understand why anyone could dump their family dog on the street like that, as if it was a piece of trash.

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