Dog dragged through shelter doors on a rope – too scared to move

Animals are smarter than many people give them credit for and know when something is wrong.

They are arguably the most loyal pets you can have and it’s a privilege to own an animal that will give you nothing but unconditional love.

So when one family decided they no longer wanted their loyal pet, the dog knows what’s about to happen and has the most heartbreaking response.

The upsetting scene was captured on video and shows a family dragging their dog into a Texas animal shelter.

Aldine Animal Hospital

She was so scared she refused to walk and at one point it looks like one family member has to grab her by the collar to get her through the door.

Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock in New York, saw the video and was so moved she contacted the shelter and asked if she could take the dog, called Maya, in.

Build her confidence

Maya had to get treatment for heartworm first and checks had to be made to make sure she was up to date with her shots.

After, she was transferred to New York where a forever home was found for her. But first hospital staff had to build her confidence and ensure she was ready to go to her new home.

🐾🐾NOW AND THEN🐾🐾 AMAZING TRANSFORMATION – Maya (Nowcalled Ella May)💗🐾🐾Remember Maya? Dragged on a rope into a high…

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, August 17, 2019

Despite her fear and hesitation after such shocking treatment at least she knows she’s safe now.

We’re so glad Maya has found a loving home. Please share to thank all the animal heroes who made this dog’s life so much better.