Dog caught on camera dragging bed toward sick brother

It was friendship at first sight for these two lovable pitbull dogs.Roman and Spanky’s owner Jill said they had been best friends from the moment they met.

“From the day we brought Spanky home he was infatuated with Roman,” The North Jersey dog mom said.

“He bonded with him so tightly and does not like to be far from him.”

If ever Spanky is left home alone without his best friend he will cry until he’s reunited with Roman again.

dog brings dog bed to sick brother 1Jill Rogers/

When Roman got an ear infection Jill, from Hopatcong, rushed him to the vet who said her precious pooch had a hematoma.

While Roman waited for his surgery, the pain got worse and it was then that Spanky stepped in to help his miserable best friend.

Jill was letting Roman rest and had set up a camera in the house so she could keep an eye on him.

Little did she know that the camera would capture a moment of tenderness she had never witnessed before from Spanky.

“Spanky is not normally gentle,” Jill said. “He is like a big moose but when Roman wasn’t feeling good, he was so gentle with him. He didn’t try to rough house or play with him like normal.”

‘Melted my heart’

Spanky was even caught on camera dragging their dog bed toward his favorite four-legged friend so he wouldn’t have to move and then snuggling next to him to comfort him.

Jill said she couldn’t believe it when she saw Spanky helping his brother: “[I] watched it a million times! It was just so wholesome and melted my heart,” she said, as per UNILAD.

It’s an adorable sight which Jill had to post online so everyone else could watch it.

In just a few hours her post attracted many comments; one person wrote: “This is amazing!!! Not all people are capable of this level of compassion and empathy. What sweet boys! They are really special.”

While another said: “I always say people could learn a lot watching dogs practice compassion”

Thankfully Roman is recovering well after his surgery and is back to his old self again and playful ways.

Dogs can teach us so much about how we should treat our fellow animals and human beings.

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