Dog sits with stranger at airport - the reason is heartbreaking

Dog approaches stranger at airport – then he reveals a heartbreaking secret

I’m not sure how it is with others, but I usually get pretty happy if a dog comes to greet me in public.

Of course, not all dogs have a thing for meeting new people. Take, for example, Cora; the dog that never leaves her mum’s side.

No small wonder then, that 23-year-old Madison Palms was surprised when Cora decided to wander off at an airport recently. It’s stranger still, that the dog went straight to a man Madison had never met before, sitting down to be petted by him.

At first, Madison was confused. After talking with the man in question, however, she realised Cora was more intuitive than she could have possibly foreseen.

After adopting Cora in the summer of 2017, Madison immediately knew there was something special about her. Cora had a sense for how other people were feeling, and Madison soon realised that she might be perfect as a therapy dog. With this in mind, she began to train her.

Facebook/Madison Palm

But Cora had not had an easy ride up to that point. Her former owner had been angry and neglectful; never taking her to the vet, despite the fact she had a multitude of health issues.

Fortunately, everything changed when Cora moved to Madison’s home. Today, she’s as attached as she can be; she never leaves her owners’ sides.

That all changed in February, though, when Madison was sitting in a waiting lounge, with Cora, at the airport. Uncharacteristically, Cora suddenly left Madison and went to sit by a complete stranger.

Facebook/Madison Palm

To begin with, Madison couldn’t understand it. Had Cora known this man previously? Why else would the dog choose to sit by him?

However, the stranger appeared to appreciate Cora’s company, so Madison decided to ask who he was. They talked for a time, and it soon became apparent that he had a dog himself. Tragically, it had passed away the day previous.

Madison was, naturally, astonished. She had known that Cora had a knack for knowing when people needed comfort, but she had never expected such intuition as to understand hidden grief. Madison knew the man at the airport needed Cora’s presence after losing his own dog.

Madison decided to film the encounter, proceeding to publish the video on Facebook. The clip has now been viewed by almost 400,000 people. You can watch it below:


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Just what on earth did we do to deserve the chance to share this planet with dogs? It’s safe to say we can continue to learn from them!

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