Dog abandoned when owner moves – waits in the same spot for ten years

It’s so heartwarming to hear of animals that are rescued from tough situations and given a new home but there are animals out there that can’t be rescued.

Those dogs, for instance, who have aged past the point when change is too hard and so stay in their tough predicaments waiting for things to return to normal.

For Bokshil the dog her owner moved out and for whatever reason didn’t take the adorable pooch with him. The heartbroken dog stayed near her home waiting for her owner to return – she’s been waiting for ten years.


According to a YouTube video posted by SBS TV, based in South Korea, this sweet dog went blind while she waited for her owner to come back.

Left to a life on the streets neighbors tried to help her but she refused to move so they give her food while she sits in the street; they’ve even made a kennel for her so she has somewhere to sleep at night.

One neighbor said she has no teeth so eating is hard for her, as she peeled a boiled egg and gave it to her.

“I heard the owner left it behind,” she told SBS TV, “Probably lacked the resources to look after it.


“She’s a grandma now, my heart goes out to her.”

The clip shows someone taking her to a veterinary clinic so she can be treated. The vet said she was in pretty good health but had “senile cataracts” so saw the world with blurred vision.

This must have made life even scarier for her living on the streets wondering if the person approaching her was her owner.


The video of her story has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube with many people expressing their sadness and anger at her situation.

“Dogs are way too loyal for humans. Dogs are the only creatures on Earth with unbreakable loyalty,” one user wrote.

“They will spend their whole lives worshiping and loving their owners. To them, we are God. We as humans don’t deserve them at all! 😭😭 People can be very cruel… 😞”

This dog has given away her life waiting for her owner to return. Thankfully there are people around her who look after her.

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