Disabled dog dumped twice in one day by heartless owners

It’s tough to watch but this viral video highlights the absolute horror some animals have to endure at the hands of humans, who are supposed to be caring for them.

Footage of a disabled dog being dumped in a street in Brazil was posted on Facebook and has since been shared around the world.

Dumped hours after being found

It shows a dog getting out of a car only to be pushed out of the way before his owner drives off, leaving him alone at the side of the street.

And if that wasn’t enough a Good Samaritan picked him up and returned him to his heartless owners just so he could be dumped again later that day, according to media reports.

This sweet dog is missing one leg and has lost the use of his other front leg. It’s tough to watch such a needy dog cruelly dumped in such a way.

After the uncomfortable footage was shared on Facebook it has been viewed 220,000 times and thousands of people have come out calling his owner “cruel” and “heartless.”

Pushed the dog away

In the clip, a white car is seen pulling up at the side of the road and a woman swiftly gets out, opens the back door and two dogs jump out.

The woman then encourages one of the dogs to get back into the car before pushing the disabled dog away so she can close the door and drive off. The abandoned dog, called Tintin then hobbles after the car.

The dog was returned to his owner and in the same day was then driven to another spot by the woman’s husband and dumped again hours later, according to the Mirror.

Tintin is now in the hands of local animal protection services and his abandonment is being investigated. More than 30 people have offered to adopt him, according to the Mirror article.


I really hope this cruel owner is found and stopped from keeping animals. There is no excuse for dumping a dog is this heartless way.

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