Deputies race to free chained-up dogs during house fire

It’s always inspiring to see everyday heroes go out of their way to save an animal’s life — even if it means putting themselves in danger.

That was the case for two deputies, who braved the heat of a blazing fire to save the lives of two chained-up dogs.

In July, deputies from the Candler County Sheriff’s Office, in Georgia, responded to a 911 call about an explosion that caused three fires, including to a car and an RV, according to WTOC.

Arriving on the scene, Capt. Jamey O’Brien noticed that there was movement behind the RV — and realized there were two chained-up dogs in need of saving.

Realizing the dogs were in serious danger, the deputies hurried to free the dogs to get them away from the blaze — even if it meant braving the scorching heat and risking burns.

“I was like “if I’m hot this far away, these two dogs have to be cooking alive,” Dep. Elliot Coursey told WTOC.

Dramatic bodycam footage shows the officers racing to free the pets. One officer removes a dog’s collar to free it from a chain, while another works to pry open a metal crate housing another dog — and reportedly struggled with the hot metal wiring.

Thankfully, they get the dogs out in time. The dogs flee from the area — no doubt glad to be free from the severe heat and smoke — while the deputies turn their attention to battling the fires.

Having to rescue the dogs while battling a fire was a unique challenge for the deputies, who say they had never experienced anything like it: “We deal with fires. We deal with dog calls daily. But the two together, not.”

According to WTOC, the owners surrendered the dogs to foster care, and both dogs recovered after receiving medical treatment.

The dramatic rescue footage has now gone viral with over 3.5 million views on Facebook, with dozens of people calling the officers heroes for their actions.

Thank you to these deputies for braving the fire to save these dogs’ lives!

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