Deliver driver notices home on fire, saves the life of three puppies inside

Deliver driver notices home on fire, saves the life of three puppies inside

We love stories of unlikely heroes stepping up to save the day. Sometimes life just puts you at the right place at the right time to save a life.

That was the case recently, after one delivery driver saved the life of three puppies trapped in a house fire.

The Columbia County Fire Rescue, in Florida, reported on the August 30 house fire. The homeowners were not around, but their three pet Boston Terriers were inside.

The situation might’ve turned tragic — but thankfully, an Amazon delivery driver happened to come by and saw the smoke.

She called 911, and emergency responders arrived on the scene. The three puppies were saved, treated for smoke inhalation, and the fire was put out.

The firefighters credited the driver for saving the day: “She saved the home and the puppies lives!” the department wrote on Facebook.

Lisa Ann Dunn, the homeowner’s mother, also thanked the driver in a comment on the post.

“Many thanks and appreciation!” she wrote. “Those are my daughter’s dogs that we love very much. They are doing well this morning but still in the hospital. Thank you will never be enough!”

In another comment she wrote that the dogs had “significant lung damage” but appeared to be stabilizing, and said they would be hospitalized for at least 48 hours.

“They will be trying to wean that puppers off of their oxygen and IV fluids today,” Lisa wrote. “They have started eating. All 3 have ulcers on their eyeballs which seem to be healing.”

She also started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her daughter and 7-month-old granddaughter, saying they “lost everything” in the fire.

While recovering from a house fire is never easy, the family can take solace in the fact that their three precious dogs are alive and well, thanks to the quick thinking of this delivery driver.

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