Deaf dog who helped his family through grief found after 11 months missing

It’s always heartbreaking when a dog goes missing. For many people dogs are a source of a lot of comfort during difficult times, and it can be devastating when they’re gone.

That was the case for one woman, who lost the beloved dog who helped her through her grief. But nearly a year later, the dog has miraculously been found.

Marisa Martinez, from Santa Fe, suffered an unimaginable heartbreak in 2017: her 9-year-old daughter died following a battle with cancer.

Following her daughter’s death, a friend gave her a gift to get her through the difficult time: a blue heeler named Rufus.

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Marisa Martinez/Facebook

Rufus is deaf, and Marisa wrote that the dog was once “mistreated and not loved by humans [who] did not understand his super power.” But Rufus found a loving home with Marisa, and the loving dog helped the family heal through their darkest hour.

But in September 2021, Marisa suffered another heartbreak: Rufus ran away, and she couldn’t find him anywhere. She put up missing dog flyers and asked for help on social media, but there was no sign of the dog.

Marisa didn’t just lose a pet, she lost a much-needed source of comfort. Marisa wrote that she faced sad memories of her daughter’s death without her dog’s support.

Months passed, and Marisa all but lost hope that she would ever see the dog again. But then, a miracle happened.

According to LA Daily Post, a motorcyclist spotted a wandering stray dog near the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Team Frijoles Lost Pet Recovery, who had been helping in the search for Rufus, saw the post online and recognized Marisa’s long-lost pet.

The team was able to trap the dog, and a microchip later confirmed that it was Rufus, finally found after 11 months missing.

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Marisa Martinez/Facebook

Remarkably, he was found on the fifth anniversary of Marisa’s daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

“It’s a miracle,” Marisa told LA Daily Post.

Marisa was reportedly in Spain with family when her cat was found, but got to see her dog for the first time in nearly a year over Zoom. She will soon arrive back in Santa Fe to reunite with him in person.

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Marisa Martinez/Facebook

We’re so glad Rufus has finally been found! It’s clear that Rufus provides a lot of comfort and support for his family during times of grief, so it’s great that he will soon be home for good!

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