Deaf dog is surprised by her army dad returning home from his training mission

For us dog owners, spending time away from them can be stressful as we’re so used to out faithful four-legged friends being around.

Unfortunately, there are times when we have no other choice but to spend time away from home and we hope that our fur babies will be okay without us.

For Noelle, a deaf Terrier mix dog, her owner had to go away for his Army training mission but really didn’t want to leave Noelle.

Being apart was difficult for them both but Noelle’s owner was lucky to have a friend who could watch her while he was away.


That friend volunteers at pet adoption events every weekend, so she took Noelle with her to PetSmart.

On the day that Noelle’s dad was due to return he decided to show up at PetSmart to surprise his sad pooch.

Smothers him with kisses

In the video below Noelle sits sadly in her cage until she starts to smell something familiar. Her tail starts to wag, and she stands up in anticipation.

Noelle couldn’t hear Dad arriving, but when she saw him her excitement just lifted my heart. As soon as she’s let out, she cannot get enough of her special dad and smothers him with kisses.

Watch this very special reunion in the clip below.

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