Dallas passes ban on pet stores selling cats and dogs, aimed at ending puppy mills

“Adopt, don’t shop” has become a popular slogan among animal lovers: when looking for a new pet, it’s better to take in a shelter animal in need of a home rather than supporting pet stores, who often get their animals from unethical breeding operations.

The outcry against pet shops has grown so much that more and more local governments have been taking action against them. Recently, Dallas became the latest city to enact a law, banning pet stores from selling cats and dogs.


According to FOX 4, the Dallas City Council passed the “Dallas Humane Pet Store Ordinance” on Wednesday, banning pet stores in the city from selling puppies and kittens. It is aimed at curbing puppy mills while encouraging people to get their pets from shelters or reputable breeders.

“This ordinance will support dozens of local humane pet stores in Dallas that do not sell puppies but rather adopt puppies who desperately need loving families,” said Karen Froehlich, the president of the SPCA of Texas. 

“The time is right for Dallas to pass this Humane Pet Store Ordinance – both for animals and our community.”

Multiple cities in Texas, including Austin, Houston and San Antonio, have already enacted their own bans, and Dallas’ ordinance means that all of Texas’ major cities have now banned pet stores.

Five states and 400 localities have now enacted the Humane Pet Store Ordinance.

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According to Dallas News, there is actually only one pet store in the city still selling dogs, a Petland franchise in North Dallas. The business, which can reportedly have 50-60 puppies at one time, has defended their track record and said employees handle the dogs well and that they vet the breeders they work with.

But advocates of the bill have argued that it isn’t enough to avoid supporting inhumane puppy mills, with John Goodwin of the Humane Society testifying that “abysmal” regulations make it legal for breeders to keep their dogs in poor conditions.

Good job, Dallas, on becoming the latest city to enact a ban on pet stores selling cats and dogs. This is an important step towards helping to end puppy mills and encouraging people to adopt from shelters.

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