Dachshund with unique spotted fur looks like he has the body of a Dalmatian or cow

There are some dog breeds that you can just instantly identify. The Dachshund, for instance, is pretty recognizable: short legs, long body, dark coat of fur.

You’d never mistake one for a Dalmatian… or would you? You might, once you meet Moo the dog, the adorable Dachshund puppy who appears to have the spotted black-and-white body of a Dalmatian, or perhaps a cow:

Now that is one unique dog—so unique the photos almost look Photoshopped.

But Moo is all natural, he just happens to have a very unusual case of piebald fur.

“He is a unique piebald because he has heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat, and he also has a pure black and tan head,” his owner Victoria Hoffman, from Miami, told LADbible.

“So, it looks like his body doesn’t match his head.”

At just seven months old, this puppy already has over 13,000 Instagram followers… and of course, many fans in real life as well.

“Moo gets lots of reactions everywhere he goes, whether it’s on social media or in everyday life,” Victoria said. “People love his coat and funny personality.”

Like many people, Victoria and her boyfriend adopted Moo recently amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, as it gave her more time at home to care for the puppy.

“My boyfriend and I have always wanted a dachshund,” she told LADbible. “I don’t think that we would’ve gotten a dog if it weren’t for Covid because we wouldn’t have been home as much.”

“It’s true that blessings and joy can still come out of hard times. Moo has been just that… I never get bored or lonely having Moo around.”

What a unique, beautiful dog! You can follow more of Moo’s adventures on his Instagram account.

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