Crying pit bull is saved from animal abusers – gets a new family and can't stop smiling

Crying pit bull is saved from animal abusers – gets a new family and can’t stop smiling

Sarah Sleime is a true animal lover. She volunteers regularly for the Greater Charlotte SPCA and helps take care of homeless animals.

One day when she visited one of the animal shelters in the area she saw a pit bull, sad and alone in one of the cages. There was something about this dog that pulled at her heartstrings. The dog had sad eyes that showed a life of loneliness.

When Sarah looked closer, she could actually see a tear in the dog’s eye.

Although dogs don’t cry the same way as humans, it was obvious that this dog was depressed. Her eyes were sad and she just stared blankly ahead.

Facebook/Sarah Jennings Sleime

Sarah could see that she was a female who had recently had puppies. In addition, the dog was overweight and in poor condition.

She was told by the staff that the dog, named Cinnamon, was dumped at the animal shelter alone, without the puppies. She had most likely been used for breeding and the owner had no use for her anymore.

Sarah started talking to Cinnamon, saying comforting words. Then, a tear ran from the dog’s eye. When Sarah saw it, she knew she had to help this dog in some way. Sarah had an idea.

Appeal for help

She picked up her cell phone and filmed a 37-second long video of the sad dog. Then she uploaded the clip to her Facebook with a message, asking for help.

But she never could have predicted the impact the video would have. In just one day, 700,000 people had seen the video. People from all over the world watched the video and wanted to help Cinnamon.

One of them was Meghan Shelton and her family.

Facebook/Sarah Jennings Sleime

Sarah already knew the family and was sure that they would be the perfect home for Cinnamon. A few days later, the dog finally arrived at her new home.

In addition to her new human family, Cinnamon also got a new little canine brother named Blu.

Facebook/Sarah Jennings Sleime

Because Cinnamon had found her forever home and could put all the sadness behind her, her family chose to give her a new name. Today, the sad dog Sarah found in the animal shelter is named Rosie — and she never needs to be sad again.

Watch the video that helped Rosie find her forever family:

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Good luck in your new life Rosie!

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