Couple moves out of house but leaves their dog tied up to fence

Couple moves out of house but leaves their dog tied up to fence

It’s always heartbreaking when people abandon their own dogs, leaving them for dead and not caring what happens to them. These neglected animals are left to fend for themselves, and can suffer serious injuries and illnesses.

That was the case for one poor dog who was left tied to a fence while his owners moved out of the house.

On November 20, an Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey animal control officer got a call to check on a dog in Roselle, who appeared to be abandoned and in need of medical attention.

There, he found a male Husky dog tied up to with no owner in sight. According to a press release, the officer found him with a “severe, infected open wound encircling a large portion of his neck, a product of being tied to the backyard fence.”

The dog was taken to the AHS’s Popcorn Park Animal Rescue. He was initially dubbed “Jon Snow,” but they later found out his real name was Carter.

Police began an animal cruelty investigation, and discovered the story behind Carter’s situation.

The dog’s owners, Curtis Swan and Aaleya Clay, had left the dog behind when they moved to Georgia, according to a police report.

Instead of taking the dog with them or making arrangements to leave him in a new home, they left him tied up, resulting in his injuries. He could’ve easily died if no one had checked in on him.

Luckily, they haven’t gotten away with it. The two have been charged with third-degree causing serious bodily injury to a domesticated animal via neglect, and abandonment of a domesticated animal.

According to Patch, a conviction on a third-degree crime can result in 3-5 years in state prison, but the case is still ongoing and no convictions have been made yet.

The important thing is that Carter is now recovering nicely. Popcorn Park Animal Refuge writes that they are giving him daily medication and laser therapy treatments for his neck injuries.

“[Carter] is doing very well,” the rescue wrote. “He is recovering nicely and is a sweet, happy, friendly dog.”

We’re so glad Carter is safe now, and hope his former owners face the consequences for their actions. No dog should be left tied up and alone like that.

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