Couple in love with their new ‘cyclops puppy’ they consider lucky

A puppy born with one eye in the middle of his forehead is hailed as lucky by his Thai owners.

The one-eyed cyclops puppy has been called Kevin after the one-eyed Minions movie character.

He was born in central Thailand as a litter of two and is being bottle fed by his smitten owners as he can’t feed from his mom.

Owners, Somjai Phummaman and his wife Amphan said they consider Kevin’s birth as lucky and added he was doing well.

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Somjai says just two days after he was born all the neighbors have already visited to see the wonderful pup and some have even used his birth date for their lottery numbers, according to ViralPress.

Pup is a lucky sign

“We are wishing that the puppy survives, even though it has a deformity,” Somjah said, according to a YouTube video posted of the pup enjoying time with his brother Mah.

“We want to keep him as a pet until he grows up. Everybody has been amazed by him and saying that it is lucky sign. People said that he looks like the yellow cartoon character with one eye, so we can nicknamed him after that.”

Cyclops Puppy With Rare Condition Who Stole Hearts Of Owners Likely Won't Live That Long

At this stage it’s unknown whether Kevin’s single eye will function properly, as it can take up to two months for a dog’s eyesight to fully develop.

Kevin’s condition has also affected his mouth and lips.

Over the moon to have him

It’s unclear as to whether he’ll survive as animals born with cyclopia rarely survive long after birth as the condition usually affects the brain, James Portsmouth, lead vet at Animal Trust, told UNILAD.

Somjai’s daughter said the family were over the moon to have a puppy with the physical abnormality and are taking good care of him.

I really hope this puppy defies the odds and survives; with such a loving family around him he stands a good chance.

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