Owner finds puppy lying on floor covered in red substance, turns out he gorged himself on dragon fruit

As all dog owners know their adorable hounds will get into anything, especially food and left alone with it can lead to a very messy situation.

But one dog owner was given a mild heart attack after his pooch was unknowingly left with dragon fruit and he came back to what he thought was a blood bath.

Gody the corgi dog was found asleep on his back on the kitchen floor covered in a red substance. His owner immediately thought the worst and rushed to his aid.

Thankfully he discovered the very red sticky substance was dragon fruit juice which Gody had attempted to lie on to get into.

He posted an image of his messy dog, which looks like a scene out of a horror movie, on social media, and it’s been shared by 9,000 people.

Gody’s owner who named the Facebook page “Candy the Corgi Official” after Gody’s mother, said he hoped to bring some joy into people’s lives.

Idol giới trẻ toang rồi 😡😡#gody

Gepostet von Candy The Corgi Official am Freitag, 20. März 2020

Gody’s owner told Bored Panda, his dog is just 2 months old and “because he’s a baby, like other baby dogs, he likes to get himself dirty and sleep a lot. He also loves to eat fruit.”

He said his training was “in progress” as he’s still so young so let’s hope his training helps stop him from giving his owner any future shocks.

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