Corgi can’t believe it when she finds a giant hedge sculpture that looks just like her

Luna is a little corgi with a big personality. Her owner Matt told The Dodo that she has a “big dog attitude in a smaller package” and loves bossing around other dogs.

But even this tough-talking corgi was left speechless by the biggest “dog” in her neighborhood.

Luna and Matt were out on a walk while visiting a friend when they passed a giant topiary in a neighbor’s yard… in the shape of a giant corgi!

Matt couldn’t believe it and had to do a double take. “Maybe that’s just what my brain defaults to ’cause my dog is a corgi,” he said.

Matt took a picture with Luna standing in front of her doppelgänger, but was surprised when she seemed a bit intimidated by the hedge… maybe recognizing the shape and mistaking it for a much larger dog.

“I think she was afraid cause it was so large and maybe the way I reacted to it,” Matt told The Dodo. “She looked confused and concerned.”

The uncanny moment went viral after Matt tweeted a photo, joking that the “neighbors are a big fan of Luna apparently.”

Matt said that while Luna can be a bit bossy, he still loves the dog’s company.

“She’s been great to have around,” Matt said. “The neighbors love her as well and I’m glad I can appreciate her more right now, having to stay home more often.”

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