Community rallies to help Canadian truck driver reunite with his missing dog

It’s always difficult when a pet goes missing, especially when they disappear far from home. But in these situations, it’s good to have help from the locals.

That was the case for one Canadian truck driver, who was grateful for all the help he received when his beloved dog disappeared in Virginia.

Samuel Bissonnette is a truck driver from Canada whose job takes him on many long-haul trips across the US. While the road can be lonely, Samuel doesn’t do it alone: he always has his two dogs by his side.

On April 10, Samuel was taking a pitstop in Blacksburg, Virginia, according to WDBJ. He decided to take his dogs on a hike on a local trail.

But the trail was so narrow that he had to unleash his dog, Denver. Unfortunately, Denver soon took off chasing after a deer, disappearing from sight.

He searched everywhere, but there was no sign of his dog. “When I’ve lost him, my life just stopped. I mean, I needed to do everything I could. I couldn’t stop doing anything to try to find him,” Sam told WDBJ.

Days later, someone spotted Denver, saying he had been hit by a car but was still running. Unfortunately, Sam had to continue on his route instead of searching further. “That was so hard to let him behind,” he said. “I know I wasn’t abandoning him. But I was feeling like I was abandoning him.”

But he says the Blacksburg community continued to help search for his dog, sending him updates while he was on the road: “People were so amazing. I couldn’t even count the number of people who tried to help me out there.”

Thankfully, Samuel soon reunited with his missing dog. He returned to the area and lured the dog in by cooking some food. After hours of waiting, Denver arrived at his truck.

Samuel wrote that he was extremely grateful for everyone who helped search for Denver over the past few weeks. He told WDBJ that he wanted to do something to show his gratitude, like throwing a pizza party.

“I’ll never forget the people down there,” he told the outlet.

We’re so glad Samuel has been reunited with his beloved dog Denver! Thank you to everyone who helped him search for his lost dog when he needed it.

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