Community comes together to rescue missing, elderly bulldog from sinkhole

It’s always inspiring to see someone go out of their way to save an animal’s life, but it’s even better when people come together and work as a team.

That was the case recently, after a community came together to dig an elderly bulldog out of a sinkhole.

According to a release from the Estherville Police Department, in Iowa, officers were called regarding an elderly bulldog named Tupelo who had gone missing in the area. A citizen heard the sound of barking in a ravine, and believed it could be the missing pet.

The officers searched the area and found the missing dog in a cement drainage tile, which had created a three-feet-wide sinkhole. The dog was wedged into the cement tile four feet below.

Facebook/Estherville Police Department

Saving the elderly dog would take a group effort, and many rescuers soon arrived on the scene. Officers contacted Estherville Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Travis Sheridan, and Estherville Fire was contacted to assist.

The officers and firemen were joined by other departments including the City of Estherville Electricians and Street Department and the Emmet County Secondary Roads Department. Dr. Arlen Omtevdt from the Estherville Veterinary Clinic also arrived to help.

Facebook/Estherville Police Department

In addition to all the city employees called to the scene, local neighbors also joined in, helping to dig around the area with shovels to free the dog.

The group effort paid off: soon, Tupelo was finally free, reportedly “in great condition” despite the ordeal, and was reunited with his family.

Facebook/Estherville Police Department

What an inspiring group rescue effort. Thank you to everyone who came together to help this poor bulldog! We’re so glad Tupelo is safe and sound now!

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