Coast Guard airmen rescue dog who fell from 300-foot cliff — watch the dramatic rescue

A dramatic rescue led to a very happy reunion this week after Coast Guard airmen came to the rescue of a dog who fell from a cliff.

On New Year’s Day, a 3-year-old dog named Leo fell off a 300-foot seaside cliff in Ecola State Park, along the Oregon coast. According to CBS News, the dog slipped after running off from his owners during a walk.

Firefighters from three local departments arrived on the scene and were preparing to rappel down the cliff when an aircrew from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Astoria arrived via an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter.

The tides were rising, so the rescue team had to act fast to save the poor dog’s life.

The crew lowered a rescue swimmer with a hoisting basket onto the beach, and they were able to reach Leo and put him in the basket.

Video captured the dramatic moment Leo was rescued and lifted into the helicopter, then transported back to the mainland:

It was certainly an eventful way to kick of the new year, and the airmen were relieved by the mission accomplished: “Hugs all around,” an airmen is heard saying in the rescue footage. “Love it.”

Despite the dramatic ordeal, Leo survived relatively unharmed and was reunited with his family.

“Leo stayed overnight at an emergency vet. He has a few cuts and bruises,” Leo’s owners said, according to the U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest. “All things considered, he is doing good. We are so thankful he is alive and expected to recover.”

We’re so glad Leo is safe and sound! Thank you to these Coast Guard airmen for saving the day!

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