CEO is caught on camera choking and slapping his dog

CEO is caught on camera choking and slapping his dog

It’s always heartbreaking to see how cruel people can be to their pets. Sometimes shocking footage reveals the truth behind pet owners, prompting outrage and demands for justice.

That’s the case today, as leaked footage shows a dog being tossed around and slapped by his owner… who happens to be the CEO of a company.

Jeffrey Previte is the 46-year-old CEO of an environmental consulting firm in LA. But on August 22, he was caught on security camera abusing his dog, Beachy, dragging him by the neck and slapping him.


The shocking scene was spotted by the concierge at Previte’s luxury apartment complex.

“I heard the dog screaming and when I looked on the camera, I saw him beating the dog,” the concierge told the Daily Mail.

“He was very angry. He was choking and slapping the dog. He even slammed the poor dog against the wall.”

Horrified by what he saw, the concierge called Previte and informed him he was going to file a report. “He became irate… and then he hung up on me,” he said. “He apologized the next day, but I didn’t think it was a sincere apology.”

The concierge filed the report to the building, which has horrified people since leaking online.


While the concierge says his bosses did not take the allegation seriously at first, the building manager said they were investigating the case.

“The apparent conduct of the unit owner was abhorrent and completely unacceptable,” they told the Daily Mail. “We took swift action including contacting animal control… We continue to evaluate other measures that can be taken with our counsel.”

Previte, who is also reportedly an avid hunter whose social media includes photos of him posing with killed deer, has defended his actions.

‘There’s nothing illegal about what I did,” he said. “I said if you need to tell the building, tell the building.”

You can watch the video below — warning: contains footage of abuse.

It remains to be seen if Previte will face any legal or professional consequences of his actions, but his father and boss, Frank Previte, told TMZ that his company has launched an investigation, potentially leading to disciplinary action.

It’s shocking how terribly some people treat their pets. We hope justice is served and this CEO faces consequences for animal abuse.

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