Cat gets her ‘mind blown’ when puppy friend returns home with new haircut

I always love to see a cat and a dog living happily side by side tolerating each other’s quirks and sometimes even becoming the best of friends.

Dogs can be needy animals that require all the love while a cat can take it or leave it, meanwhile cats are the ultimate creatures of habit.

This trait is evident in this very entertaining clip that has gone viral of a cat noticing her canine friend doesn’t look like he usually does.

The poodle has had a new haircut for the summer and his feline friend is mystified. Her expression is one of utter confusion as she paws at the dog’s coat as if trying to figure out where the curls have gone.


An Imgur user, owner of two animals, posted the video with the caption: “Gave our poodle her summer haircut and broke our cat.”

According to the owners, who posted the video, “Our 6 month old cat had his little mind blown after we gave our Toy Poodle a short summer haircut.”

I’ve never seen a cat behave this way, he’s clearly dumbfounded at the change in his canine companion.

See for yourself in the clip below.

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