Bobby the puppy found in a bag after being dumped in a bush

Bobby the puppy found in a bag after being dumped in a bush

It was a distressing sight for one animal rescuer who heard crying coming from a bag in the bushes on her morning walk.

Dog Rescue Coolronan, in Ireland, was alerted to the incident and opened the bag to find a dog, covered in worms and suffocating.

He was rushed to the vet, but staff didn’t seem hopeful for this distressed pup’s future. The dog, named Bobby, had weak back legs and desperately needed his mother to sustain himself.

Bobby then and now 😂❤

Posted by Dog rescue coolronan on Friday, February 28, 2020

Chris Kelly, the administrator of the shelter, was so heartbroken over Bobby’s plight he decided to personally take over his care and within a week the 5-week-old hound was showing signs of improvement.

Bobby was eating well and had become much stronger after just five days of love and care from shelter staff.

Bobby developed a close bond with every human he met at the shelter, according to staff. It became clear that this hound knew his life had been saved and was grateful. He has so much love to give.

So just a little update on Bobby 😍 He's doing amazing and is now flying around on his back legs and has put on a lot of…

Posted by Dog rescue coolronan on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Staff posted updates on Bobby’s progress and soon hundreds of people were getting in touch with the shelter offering to adopt the sweet hound.

But animal lover Chris fell in love with Bobby and their inseparable bond meant Chris had no choice but to adopt him.

Chris continues to post updates on Bobby for all fans of the popular pup and hopes his story can help raise awareness surrounding animal cruelty.

Happy Christmas from Bobby ❤ he would really love to see pictures of the dogs that have been adopted from us this year or any year😍

Posted by Dog rescue coolronan on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Thank goodness this sweet pair found each other, it’s the happy ending we all need to hear.

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