Big pit bull is captured with new tiny friend in a video that has melted the hearts of millions

Putting cats and dogs under the same roof is not always recommended.

But every now and then we see exceptions to this rule and there really is nothing cuter than seeing different species of animals getting along.

This gentle giant of a dog takes his appreciation of a different species to a whole new level in the video below.

The dog was introduced to the new family kitten – a tiny little fluff ball who is extremely playful – and his reaction is priceless

More than 9 million people have already viewed this adorable clip and when you see it you’ll understand why.


The person who posted the clip explains that she brought this little kitten home and introduced her to the family dog.

A curious little feline she proves to be as she’s clearly fascinated with her new dog brother’s paws.


As she starts playing with his paws, the dog calmly sits and watches her before he gets in there and gives her a bunch of wet kisses.


It’s clearly the start of a wonderful friendship as the kitten’s curiosity is tempered by the calm and loving new hound in her life. It’s a beautiful sight.

See for yourself in the clip below.

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