Bella the dog is left to die in well – then she’s rescued by 6-yr-old girl

Six-year-old Cara was playing near her home in Londonderry, England when she found a concrete hole.

She heard a sound coming from the hole and looked down — and there was a dog at the bottom.

Cara realized that something was seriously wrong and decided to act. And in doing so, she saved the dog’s life.

In May 2014, 6-year-old Cara was out playing when she found a concrete hole.

She immediately ran home and told her parents that there was a dog in the hole and that she couldn’t get out.

Her father, Kenny, hurried out to have a look.

It turned out that the dog, a boxer, had been put in the hole and abandoned by her former owner. Making matters worse, she was sick and blind.

If not for 6-year-old Cara, the concrete hole would have been the dog’s grave.

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre, Facebook

The family was assisted by the Rainbow Rehoming Centre, which took care of the dog.

A breeding dog

It turned out that the dog, named Bella, was completely blind. She had been used as a breeding dog and had probably been left in the concrete hole by her owner after she became too old to have puppies.

Bella had been pregnant many times before she was dumped in the hole, and as a result, her uterus was infected.

Mandy Bideau, Facebook

In spite of everything Bella had been through, she was still a kind and loving dog.

Bella required some treatments to help her recover, but she quickly regained her strength.

A new start

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre posted a picture of her on social media and told her story. And it didn’t take long before a family approached the shelter wanting to adopt Bella, and it was love at first sight.

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre, Facebook

Unfortunately, Bella passed away in 2015, but at least she was able to have some time with a family who loved her.

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre, Facebook

It hurts to think of all dogs abused by bad breeders. When you buy a puppy always check the breeder before making the purchase. Never buy a dog from a breeder who doesn’t  treat their dogs with the utmost respect — it only benefits their business and allows them to continue.

All dogs deserve a home where they are safe and taken care of. Please share this story if you agree!

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