Before she decided to take her own life, owner surrendered her pup with a heartbreaking note

Even though it is incredibly rewarding to have a dog, it also requires a lot of responsibility – but sometimes it can become a little bit more difficult.

And sometimes things in life can get on top of us and we can feel really bad, but this heartbreaking note really crushed my heart…

Facebook – Stray Rescue of St. Louis

This dog, called Shell, had a wonderful and caring owner, a person that wanted to really ensure that her sweet little pup girl really did find a loving home.

In September last year this little doggie was handed over to the Stray Rescue of St. Louis – with a heart-wrenching note attached.

The letter reads like this:

“I am writing you cause I need you to take my dog Shell. My mother adopted Shell from Stray Rescue around 2009-2010 … In 2012 she had a massive stroke and now has Alzheimers. So in 2012 Shell came to live with me.

I’ve been fighting cancer for a few months and if you’re reading this I lost my battle. I need for my baby girl to be taking [sic] care of in a home with one person.

Shell is a very sweet little girl. She’s been threw [sic] a lot so she has trouble with trust in the beginning. She loves to cuddle but doesn’t like to be carried. She’s very smart.”

It was Shell’s owner, Crystal Chrisp, who hade left the note – a note that broke the hearts of everyone in the rescue organization.

According to KMOV, Crystal had cancer for the second time. She died by suicide shortly after dropping of her beloved pup at the shelter.

One friend of the owner, Sharon Hyster-Harris, revealed that her friend couldn’t bear the cancer treatments again.

“She was dealing with it a few years back and it went into remission. A few months ago it came back. I think she just decided she couldn’t deal with it anymore,” she said, according to Shared.

When the shelter heard about this, they really wanted to honor the owner’s wishes. They decided to find a perfect home and a perfect person to adopt Shell.

After the tragic story spread in social media and on the news, the shelter received many requests for the dog – it was almost an impossible task of picking the best one for the lovely dog, to honor the owners dying wishes.

In the end, one caring woman who saw the news report on the sweet dog decided to drive to the shelter. She wanted to pick up the sweet girl. The shelter posted the update to their Facebook page.

The Facebook post said:

“She just felt so drawn to her. Wasting no time, she filled out an application and was here the very next morning. The two of them hit it off and she knew it was definitely the right time. She says Shell is already running the house, and that they are inseparable”

Shell with her new adoptive mom

Thankfully, this little pup will get to spend the rest of her life with her new mom in a loving and caring home where she’s going to be “spoiled for the rest of her life.”

Such a sad touching story but I’m happy that Shell has found a saft home. Thank you!