Beagles rescued from breeding facility delight seniors during nursing home visit

Many animal lovers have been following the story of the “Envigo beagles,” the 4,000 beagles who were bred for medical testing and lived in an inhumane facility until a judge ordered for their release in July.

Ever since, the beagles have been making their way to animal rescues around the country, receiving much-needed love and medical attention, with some even already finding their forever homes.

Their story has touched hearts around the world — and recently, a few of these rescued beagles delighted a group of senior citizens after they paid an adorable visit to a nursing facility.

According to 7News, their meteorologist Bill Kelly has been fostering some of the beagles in his home.

**Cuteness alert** you may have heard about all the beagles who recently got rescued from the research facility. Well,…

Posted by Bill Kelly on Thursday, July 28, 2022

Recently, the beagles got an opportunity to take an adventure out of the house and get to interact with some seniors who could use their companionship.

According to 7News, volunteers from local rescue Homeward Trails picked the beagles up and brought them to ProMedica Skilled Nursing. The senior facility had heard about the dogs and thought it might be a good opportunity to have them visit their residents.

“We’re always looking for activities for our residents, and I thought there’s nothing more fun or that would bring more joy to the residents than having some puppies visit,” Cindy Oplinger of the nursing home told 7News.

The seniors loved the beagles. They held the adorable rescue beagles, and one resident said they were “very warm, cuddly, they wanted to be held and liked being held.”

One of the goals of fostering a dog is to provide socialization, getting the dogs used to interacting with people so they’ll be ready for their future forever home.

Plus, a friendly visit from an adorable animal can make a senior citizen feel filled with joy. So the beagles’ visit was a big win-win for both the dogs and the seniors.

“I think the residents loved it, the staff loved it. Everyone wins,” Oplinger said. “It’s wonderful, and that was the whole point of bringing in the puppies today. We couldn’t be happier.”

What an adorable story. We’re so glad these sweet rescue beagles got to make these seniors’ day!

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