Baseball fans find dog left in hot car outside stadium and save his life

It’s the middle of summer, and it’s more important than ever to be alert for dogs left in hot cars. While it’s never a good idea to leave a dog in a car unattended, dogs are especially susceptible to heat stroke in the hot summer months, and every year brings a new wave of fatalities.

But thankfully, there are also good samaritans who will do what it takes to free these dogs before it’s too late — like one group of bystanders who saved the life of a dog left in a car outside a baseball game.

According to the Kansas City Star, Josh Lee, along with his wife Erin, son Hudson and brother Michael Warner, attended a Kansas City Royals baseball game at Kauffman Stadium, but left early in the eighth inning.

It turned out to be a miracle that they did: outside the stadium, they heard a whimpering dog locked in a car.


The dog had reportedly been left in there with no food or water, with the windows only slightly cracked. It was also over 90 degrees and felt even hotter.

The group knew they had to act to save the dog’s life. They were able to use the window opening to unlock the car and get the dog to safety.

Josh wrote on Twitter that they used “teamwork” to get him out, and they gave the dog some much-needed water.

Josh said that they called the police, and turned the dog over to Royals staff members. Josh wrote that if the owner did not pick up the dog, his brother planned to take him in.


It was miraculous timing: the group had left the game just early enough to intervene in time. “Considering that the game ended in the 13th and we found the pup in the eight … we very well may have saved his young life,” Josh told the Kansas City Star.

Sadly, it’s not the first time an incident like this has happened at Kauffman Stadium: “I’m not sure why people do it,” Royals’ director of guest services Anthony Mozzicato said. “It puts us in a really awkward situation.”

But thankfully this time crisis was averted, thanks to a group of baseball fans who were truly the MVPs of this game.

Thank you to these quick-thinking bystanders who saved this dog’s life! It’s a reminder to be vigilant for dogs in hot cars this summer.

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