Baby falls asleep when mom captures footage of puppy’s actions

What’s more cuter than seeing a sleeping baby? A sleeping baby with a sleeping puppy perhaps?

This latest video shows the strong bond between a child and his or her pet.

I always think those babies that get to grow up with a faithful and gentle dog are among the luckiest.

See for yourself just how much this baby is loved by his four-legged friend in the video below.


This video makes having dogs and babies look easy but it’s not always the case as a lot of preparation is needed before you introduce your new arrival to the family dog.

Perhaps more importantly you should never leave your baby alone with your dog.

Dogs can become agitated by the sounds and movements of a bay,” according to

In the video below an adult is present filming the moment a very sleepy dog finds its perfect resting spot.

The cute puppy tries to fight sleep but it’s clear the snoozing baby next to him is having quite the effect and he cannot keep his eyes open.

I’m so glad an adult was present to catch this adorable moment.

So very precious! What surprises me is the puppy seemed to know not to sit on or near the babies face.

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