Baby sits and giggles on the couch – watch what the dog does to make this toddler laugh

There is a long list of advantages for those kids who grow up with a pet. Not only do pets give unconditional love but they can also teach empathy, confidence and even help children increase their verbal skills

While watching a pet interact with a very small child is probably among the cutest sights ever, the animal is also helping to teach the child social skills.

Little 18 month old Andonis Antonakis is lucky enough to have the cutest dog for a pet. Look at how well this dog interacts with the boy, he makes the perfect babysitter!

Photo: YouTube

Brooklyn the dog is three years old and obviously loves to play.

Andonis does too.

When the dad sees this cute pooch and his human brother in action he just has to capture it on camera.

The dog cannot stop having fun with the baby

Brooklyn has clearly worked out what makes Andonis laugh and is such a smart dog for doing so.

It looks like he’s playing a type of doggy peek-a-boo. It is the cutest sight!

See the boy’s adorable reaction in the video below.

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