Baby has harsh words for family bulldog – now watch the unexpected reaction, it’s absolutely wonderful!

Dogs and toddlers. In my view, they’re a wonderful combination!

Little kids and dogs rarely have the same idea of reality as us adults — and they really make nice companions.

This video is more proof of this!

Young children and pets often grow up side by side and become best friends. This video is a great example of the beginning of such a relationship.

It starts out with the toddler walking straight to the family’s bulldog — and “talking” to the dog. Well, there’s at least some kind of discussion going on from the child’s, but the enthusiasm isn’t really matched by the bulldog.

He mostly just sits there on the sofa, taking it easy and relaxing. You almost get the feeling that the dog is used to this and is just letting the baby blow off steam.

Like a lawyer

But I don’t think the baby could’ve been so close to the dog — and I don’t think the bulldog would’ve been so quiet — if they weren’t best pals.

I also can’t help but laugh when the toddler gets so enthusiastic. It’s almost like a defense attorney in a courtroom! The wonderful doggie, who is surprisingly calm, just listens and takes it all in.

The clip has become a big hit online and has several million views views!

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