Animal shelter offers dream job for people to snug scared puppies

When it comes to things I like to do most in the world, I’m not ashamed to admit that sitting somewhere close to the top of the list is cuddling my dog.

Of course, whilst I obsess over my four-legged friend to the point of arguable madness, I have bills to pay and people to provide for.

If only there was a job wherein I could combine work and cuddling dogs …

YouTube / ABC

… Oh, that’s right, there is. In a way at least. According to reports, one animal shelter in Florida is offering volunteers the chance to become expert dog cuddlers. It’s unpaid, but we can only guess how rewarding it must be in virtually every other aspect.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has put adverts out urging people to come and cuddle its most frightened dogs in their time of need. The majority of animals in the shelter are being spayed or neutered, so staff are looking for people who can give the animals nothing but love before and after.

The Society is encouraging those who apply to commit to at least six months of work, with volunteers also tasked with assisting vets and helping to keep the shelter clean.

Earlier this year the shelter was forced to put out an urgent call for volunteers, as numbers were at an all-time low.

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes to become a professional dog cuddler, head over to the Tampa Bay Humane Society official website for more information on the available roles.

We know, right, for a few people I know this sounds like an absolute dream role!

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