Animal rescuers think they’ve found a homeless dog – they have no idea the reunion that’s about to take place

In June this year, a dog was rescued from the streets of the Ukraine in a sorry state.

Homeless life had not been kind to this gentle giant of a dog who was malnourished and weak.

When staff brought him in, they were determined to find him a new loving home immediately.

Little did they know he already had a home.

This blue-eyed big dog was covered in scabies and very thin when he was found on the streets.

The day he was brought in staff snapped a picture and posted it online to try and find a home for him as soon as possible.

MKP “Schaslivі tvarini”/The Dodo

The animal shelter posted a picture of the dog on Facebook and it quickly spread around the world – no one could resist this dog’s sad beautiful blue eyes.

As the post was shared by thousands one woman in Australia recognized the dog as one that a relative in the Ukraine had lost – two years ago.

Already had a home

Two days after posting the picture, the shelter was contacted by a woman whose dog had been stolen from her yard back in 2017.

“She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” Galina Lekunova, who works at the shelter, told The Dodo.

A meeting was arranged so the woman could confirm that the dog was in fact hers.

You can tell by the reaction in the clip below they both knew each other. It’s a tearful reunion between her and her dog called Lord.

What an uplifting reunion for a dog that’s clearly been through so much in the last two years. This happy ending warms my heart.

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