Animal rescue discovers their sick puppy will only eat one thing: chicken fingers

Many of us have experienced cravings for certain foods while feeling under the weather, like a nice hot soup when you have a cold or some ice cream to soothe a sore throat.

But it turns out that some dogs are the same way โ€” like one sick little puppy, who had a very specific food craving and wouldn’t eat anything else.

On March 17, the Lexington Humane Society, in Kentucky, wrote on Facebook that one of the puppies in their care was battling parvo, a highly contagious disease that can cause serious illness in unvaccinated pups.

One of the earliest common signs of parvo is a lack of appetite, and the humane society said this pup was no exception: they wrote that their medical team had been struggling to get her to eat anything at all.

However, they soon discovered the one food the sick pup would eat: chicken fingers!

Courtesy of Lexington Humane Society

The rescue wrote that the puppy specifically loves the fast food chain Raising Cane’s, who are famous for their chicken fingers. (They’ve apparently tried feeding her other fast food joints like Wendy’s, with less success.)

While it was unusual, the Lexington Humane Society was just happy to see the puppy finally eating some food. “We’re so relieved to finally see her eating a little. Here’s to a speedy recovery, little girl!” Lexington Humane Society wrote.

They happily indulged her cravings: they said their team made a “special trip” to get her more chicken fingers.


The little puppy continues to battle parvo, but thanks to the love and chicken fingers she’s received her condition has been improving. “She is still recovering but feeling better,” Lexington Humane Society told We Love Animals.

“The chicken fingers helped to stimulate her appetite and she is now back on puppy food,” they added.

Courtesy of Lexington Humane Society

The story warmed hearts on social media, with many people commenting they should name her Cane after her favorite fast food joint. However, the rescue said that the pup’s foster mom is calling her “Delilah.”

Best of all, the pup already has a home lined up: her foster mom plans to adopt once the dog is fully recovered and no longer under medical supervision.

“She has the cutest heart-shaped nose, we’re so glad she’s feeling better and will have a forever home soon,” Lexington Humane Society told We Love Animals.

If you are interested in supporting Delilah or the hundreds of other animals like her, you can make a donation to the Lexington Humane Society through their website or through Venmo.

We’re so glad Delilah is making a recovery and has a great forever home waiting for her! Looks like those chicken fingers really did the trick! ๐Ÿ˜„

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