Angus the black Labrador fired as a guide dog for liking food too much

I think we can all agree getting a job is no easy thing to do. Pressure, expectation, delivery … these are all things that must be considered.

It’s no different for those plucky pups hoping to become guide dogs, let me tell you. In fact, the selection process for those canines who would be the eyes of a particular hooman is far more stringent that most would believe.

As a result, it’s no surprise that thousands of pooches are turned down each year. Angus, a black Lab, is one of them.

Credit: 10 Daily

Yet while other dogs may have narrowly missed selection due to, say, being too energetic, or perhaps reacting indifferently to other dogs, the reason for Angus’ refusal is amusing indeed.

Put simply, Angus likes food waaaaayyy too much.

That’s right, according to 10 Daily, the Lab missed out on being a guide dog because he liked eating more than helping his potential owner.

With a heart of gold – but unfortunately a stomach full of desire to chow down – Angus still got a job, even if it wasn’t the one he was initially being groomed for.

Credit: 10 Daily

His trainers knew he had plenty to give, and so decided to give him the title of Chief Happiness Officer of the Creature Comforts program at an aged-care facility in Brisbane, Australia.

Maureen Armes, a resident at the facility, told Network 10: “He brings out the best in people. People can be sitting in their wheelchairs and he comes along and they talk to him and they pat him … if he wasn’t here they’d be sitting there all day doing nothing.”

Credit: 10 Daily

Meanwhile, steps are being taken to manage his diet. Maureen confirmed: “We try not to give him any treats anymore, only carrot and apple.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can certainly understand Angus’ drive. In any case, I’m glad a suitable role was found for this good boy!

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