Pakita was missing and alone for 2 years – watch her reaction when she recognizes a familiar scent!

So many dogs in the world are in need of safe, loving homes.

Some have been subjected to abuse or abandonment, while others have completely disappeared, sometimes without the owner knowing why.

Unfortunately, there are too many lost dogs that never come home. At best, they may end up in an animal shelter.

That’s exactly what happened to an adorable dog named Pakita.

Two years ago, she was found by Argentina Arca Animal and it was obvious that Pakita was homeless.

Since then, Pakita was overlooked for adoption, time after time. Everyone who came to the shelter would adopt a younger, smaller dog.

In addition, Pakita always appeared scared and sad, something that put off potential adoptive families.

In one last attempt to find Pakita a loving home, after having managed to take some proper pictures of her, the shelter put a post up online.

Argentina Arca Animal

Almost immediately after the post went up, the shelter received an amazing message:

A woman contacted them and said that her son, Ariel, had lost his dog two years ago — and the dog was Pakita!

Ariel went there the next day and at the moment he arrived, Pakita recognized a familiar scent …

Argentina Arca AnimalAnd Pakita changed.

She was no longer a scared, lost dog — she was the easy-going and happy dog she had been before she was lost. Her owner had returned!

Her amazing reaction left me in tears. It’s so touching, you just have to see this:

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What a wonderful feeling to see each other after two long years!

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