Aggressive jaguar attacks dog, but what happens next leaves everyone in shock

There are some friendships that are just a little more special than others. That’s definitely the case when you see the friendship between jaguar Jag and Jack Russel Bullet.

It might seem strange, but these two found each other – and became best friends.

Jaguars are meat eaters, and like lions and tigers they hunt deer and other large animals.

That’s why most people believed that Jack Russel Bullet was about to become a meal when he ended up in Jag’s enclosure in animal park Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa.

But what happened was a far cry from what everyone had expected.


Jags and Bullet proved to be best friends. He could have eaten the little dog if he’d wanted to but no, the duo were inseperable.

They slept together, played and never left each other’s side.

When Jags, who arrived at the preservation when he was just a few months old, grew and was placed into a new, bigger encloser, the seperation was hard for Bullet.


Missed each other

Jags was inconsolable and heartbroken that his friend wasn’t with him. Bullet felt the same, and refused to leave the door of the enclosure, hoping that he would be reunited with his pal.

Jag’s caretaker gave the problem some thought, and eventually came to the only right conclusion. Bullet was allowed into Jag’s enclosure, and finally the pair were together again!


Although Jags is obviously the bigger and stronger of the two, Bullet is the most dominant.

Jags knows that he is much bigger and is careful when they play together. Bullet is quick to let the jaguar know if he is becoming too heavy handed.


Their loving friendship is amazing to see. Even though it seemed at first as though they should never be paired together, they have built a strong friendship. After reading this touching story I can say for certain that animals really are different from humans.

You can see Jags and Bullet play together in the clip below – it’s a friendship like no other!

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