After 4 years of living on the streets, pit bull Gucci is reunited with her family

When dog lover Jodi Chamlee rescued pit bull Gucci she promised her that she would not have to go through any more pain.

But during a house move from Georgia to Tennessee Jodi and her family lost their beloved pet and was left heartbroken.

Four years of looking and 15-year-old Gucci turned up on the streets of Philadelphia, much to the shock of her owners.

Gucci had lived a tough life as a stray dog over the past four years until she was rescued by Marvin and Jessica Graaf of Philly Bully Team from the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia.

Most of you know, Sally is a dog that we pulled from ACCT Philly yesterday. She is in horrendous condition. We rushed…

Posted by Philly Bully Team on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

“I’m a sucker for old dogs, so I said let’s pick this dog up and get her to the hospital right away,” Jessica Graaf told CBS Philly.

Gucci had to be treated for arthritis and ear and skin infections from her time as a stray.

Meanwhile, a post from ACCT Philly about Gucci reached a friend of Jodi Chamlee, who said that Jodi had lost the dog years earlier while moving from Georgia to Tennessee.

CBS Philly

“I mean, obviously at first, I was there’s like there’s no way,” Marvin Graaf said, as per CBS Philly.

“We compared notes for a few hours on the phone and I realized this was her dog that she has been looking for, for four years,” Jessica Graaf said.

Jodi Chamlee, her husband and two daughters didn’t hesitate to get their baby back and made the journey from Tennessee to Philadelphia.

“I couldn’t wait anymore. I couldn’t bear the thought of her thinking that mama wasn’t going to come for her,” Jodi said.

CBS Philly

Speaking to CBS Philly through tears Jodi she said she never gave up hope of getting her fur baby back.

“I promised her the day that I rescued her she would not have to go through any more pain,” she said, “and I only broke half of that promise. The family is finally back together, it has not been the same.”

Tennessee family reunited with pit bull found in Philly | KYW

Thank goodness for these animal heroes whose big hearts mean families like Jodi’s can be reunited with their beloved pets.

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