After dog loses eyesight, cat becomes his guide helps him get around by meowing

We’ve all heard of seeing eye dogs guiding blind people, but who guides dogs when they’re blind?

Well, one blind dog has a special friend to show him the way: his “seeing eye cat.”

After Robin Wagner adopted her German shepherd cross Blaze in 2019, she soon found out that the dog was losing his sight. According to SWNS, he was blind in one eye and had a lens issue in the other that would deteriorate his vision.

Unable to correct the problem with surgery, Blaze went blind in 2020, and his sudden lack of sight took a toll on his wellbeing:

“Blaze going blind caused a huge regression in his social anxiety,” Robin told SWNS. “He became very anxious and reactive.”

But thankfully, he had a special friend to help him adjust: Robin’s pet cat, Satin.

The two pets didn’t always get along great: the owner said that her dog often took up the cat’s space, and would sometimes step on her — a problem that only got worse as Blaze’s vision deteriorated.

But surprisingly, Blaze’s blindness led to the two pets forming a closer bond.

Since Blaze had a habit of running into the room and accidentally stepping on Satin, the cat started to “meow” whenever he was in the room so he would know he was there.

While Satin was seemingly just trying to not get stepped on, the habit has stuck and now she’s Blaze’s “guide cat.” The unique bond has led to the two pets becoming closer than ever.

“I think Blaze going blind caused Satin and Blaze to become closer,” Robin told SWNS. “Before going blind they were more like ships passing in the night. Now, they take opportunities to acknowledge each other.”

After losing his sight caused a lot of anxiety, it has helped Blaze to always hear his friend’s voice.

“While she isn’t the most affectionate and cuddliest of cats with us, she for sure tells Blaze she loves him, and it’s the most beautiful thing to see.”

What a sweet friendship. We’re so glad Satin is there for Blaze to guide him around the house and let him know he’s not alone.

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