Affectionate pit bull abandoned by family at shelter – he’s just minutes from being put down when this happens

There are many reasons why an animal is abandoned by their owners and staff at animal rescue centers have probably heard all the excuses in the book.

From being too expensive or too aggressive to being too old or too young, the list goes on, but when staff at a rescue center in Brooklyn first met Stormy they couldn’t understand why he was being handed over by his family.

The family were about to have their fifth child and said they couldn’t look after him anymore but had nothing but nice words to say about him.

The dog was heartbroken, and nobody wanted to adopt such a sad dog so staff had no choice but to put him on the euthanasia list.


Stormy the 2-year-old pit bull was left confused after his family abandoned him at the shelter in Brooklyn.

He’d been nothing but a faithful, gentle and loving dog to the family of six when he was left at the high-kill shelter.

Even shelter staff were left baffled as the family tried to justify their actions. They told staff they were about to have their fifth child and the house was becoming “too full.”


Stormy was left waiting at the shelter for them to come back but when they didn’t he fell into a deep depression.

Of course, nobody wanted to adopt a sad dog so after a time at the shelter he was put on the euthanasia list.


But just minutes from being put down animal heroes from Eleventh Hour Rescue stepped in.

He was taken home by an animal foster mom where he was giving a second chance to find a family who truly appreciated this beautiful dog.

Described by those who looked after him as a “delight with kids and ever so respectful with every human and pet,” Stormy finally found his well-deserved forever home.

Watch the video below to find out just how gentle and affectionate this dog is, he’s so adorable.

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I can’t imagine anyone wanting to give up such a sweet dog, this family was so lucky.

Thankfully he’s with a family that truly appreciates his big heart and I hope he lives and long and happy life.

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