Abused dog is put on death row, then rescuers see his sad eyes and make a heartbreaking decision

When Rudy the dog was found on the street, he was starving with cuts, bruises and broken bones from a severe beating.

He was in such a bad way he was put on a euthanasia list and scheduled to die; his recovery would be too costly and there were fears concerning his mental state.

But Houston Street Dogs thought otherwise and decided to take him in and help in his long road to recovery.

Staff found him a foster home with a woman who had rescued countless abused dogs. But, to get Rudy on the right track wouldn’t be easy and there were some tough decisions to make.



When Houston Street Dogs decided to save the life of abused dog Rudy, they had no idea of his history. All they knew was that if they didn’t try, he would be put down, never knowing what it was like to be loved.

They immediately contacted a foster mom who specialized in looking after dogs that had been through traumatic experiences and she agreed to take him in. He was safe at last.

Photo: Rumble

Terrified and beaten

The road to recovery would be a long one as not only was he covered in cuts and bruises but he was so terrified of humans.

“He was scared of everything and everybody,” according to a video charting Rudy’s recovery by Rumble.

Painful injections

But thanks to the unconditional love and support from his foster mom, he was able to get through the months of recovery.

During this time he was treated for pneumonia, mange and various other infections. He also had to endure painful injections to treat his heartworm, a parasitic round worm that is passed to animals through mosquito bites

Eventually he started to look so healthy and happy, but his hip injuries stopped him from playing with his other dog friends.

Photo: Rumble

An X-ray revealed that Rudy needed a total hip replacement which would cost thousands of dollars, so a fundraiser was started.

A video showing Rudy’s progress was released and immediately went viral and thankfully the donations started to roll in.

The YouCaring fundraiser was successful and Rudy was able to get the operation he needed to live a normal life, according to Paw my Gosh.

Photo: Rumble

The transformation in Rudy is incredible, not just his physical appearance but his eyes have gone from sad and desperate to happy and bright.

It really is amazing what love and care can do to turn an animal’s life around. You would think Rudy would have aggressive tendencies after being so cruelly treated but this dog is so sweet-natured and loving.

Photo: Rumble

See for yourself in the clip below.

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