Abandoned sick puppy hangs his head in shame until good Samaritan gains his trust

When a neglected and sick puppy was found roaming the streets, he caught the attention of one animal lover who noticed him holding his head in shame.

The dog looked like he had completely given up on life and was no longer worthy of anyone’s attention.

But a good Samaritan noticed him on the streets of Salvador, Brazil, starving with missing patches of fur, and took him to animal shelter Abrigo Animais Aumigos.


Staff, who named the desperate pup Sardinha, were told that the dog had been thrown out of his home because he was sick.

Sardhina had scabies, worms and an eye infection. Staff treated Sardhina but it was only after the sick puppy realized he was in safe hands and started to feel better did he trust staff enough to lift his head and make eye contact.


A woman saw the sweet dog on social media and fell in love with him. She called the shelter to ask if she could adopt Sardhina and after the correct checks were made she was able to take her new pet home.


It didn’t take long before Sardinha was outside playing and chasing his toys around! Now he’s put on weight and is a calm and happy dog knowing he’ll never have to go through the same horror again.

Watch his amazing transformation in the clip below.


Thank goodness Sardhina was saved in time and now has the forever home he deserves. Please share.