Abandoned dog was found tied up to tree, waiting to be rescued — rescue gives her a second chance

It’s always heartbreaking to see a dog tied up and abandoned, but thankfully there are people willing to step up and save these discarded animals, giving them a second chance.

Recently, one dog got a new start after animal rescuers found her tied up to a tree.

In January, a 6-to-7-week-old puppy was found along a roadway in Lewis County, Kentucky, tied up to a tree.

A driver noticed the dog and contacted a local shelter. It was the help that the poor pup had been patiently waiting for.

“She was just so stoic sitting there by the tree, waiting for someone to notice her,” Kim Desroches of Friends of Lewis County Animals told The Dodo.

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Facebook/Friends of Lewis County, Ky Animals

According to a Facebook post, the shelter took who took her in didn’t have the room for her, and Desroches says a shelter is “not really an ideal place for a puppy” due to the potential for illnesses.

So Friends of Lewis County Animals took in the dog, now named Ladybird, and arranged for her to go to a foster home.

It was quite a change of circumstances for the little dog who just days earlier had been tied up and abandoned, and Ladybird blossomed in their care.

“She was a little scared and unsure when picked up by the shelter,” Desroches told The Dodo. “Once she settled in, she was very much a happy, playful puppy.”

No photo description available.
Facebook/Friends of Lewis County, Ky Animals

And in an inspiring update, the rescue wrote that Ladybird had an “adoption pending,” so it seems she has now found a forever home!

While Ladybird got a happy ending, it’s still heartbreaking that she was abandoned in such a way, and the rescue urged people to properly surrender their pets if needed. The spot where Ladybird was tied up was reportedly not far from a shelter.

“Please don’t abandoned babies,” Friends of Lewis County Animals wrote on Facebook. “If it’s imperative they need somewhere to go immediately, please talk to the shelter or reach out to us.”

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Facebook/Friends of Lewis County, Ky Animals

It’s heartbreaking that poor Ladybird was abandoned and tied up to a tree, but we’re glad she was rescued and is now doing well.

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