An abandoned dog shakes with fear in the rain – see what happens when an animal lover tells her everything will be ok

Animal lover Valinda Cortez was on her way to the store one morning when she noticed a dog in the parking lot.

It was cold and wet outside and the dog looked desperately scared and sad. She was shaking with cold and fear and Valinda just could not leave her there. She fetched a blanket from the car and put it around the dog’s cold body.

It was early in the morning and Valinda was still wearing her pajamas and flip-flops when she turned into the parking lot and saw the dog.


Valinda loves dogs and usually helps at the local dog’s home in Canton, North Carolina. She had planned to go there later and drop off some blankets — it was one of those blankets that she wrapped around the shaking little dog.


Posting on Facebook about the event she said:

“This poor baby had been out in the rain and cold for a long time. She was freezing.

“It was apparent to me that this baby had been dumped,” she said.

Open wound and eye infection

“I don’t know where she’s comes from, but I hope she will never have to go back there.”

Valinda could see the dog had an eye infection and an open wound on her leg. Her coat was very dull.


Valinda called her friend Sue, who also helps street dogs, and told her about the dog. Sue immediately came to help and they both took the dog to the shelter.

They called her Cassie

Now Cassie has a warm bed and lots of good food. And love of course. She will stay in the shelter until staff find the best home for her which shouldn’t take too long. Cassie has proved to be a very loving and kind dog, despite the terrible ordeal she has endured.

Cassie is so lucky that she was found by animal lover Valinda, thanks to her she is now safe and warm.

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