Abandoned dog refuses to leave cardboard box, waiting for owner to return

Dogs are such loyal and loving animals. Any pet owner knows the joy of coming home and seeing your dog excitedly greeting you, like they had been waiting for you all along.

But sadly, sometimes dogs are loyal to owners who don’t deserve or reciprocate their love. That was the case for one poor pup, who was abandoned in a cardboard box, but kept waiting in vain for her owner to return, in spite of the grueling heat.

According to nonprofit rescue Dallas Dog, the 10-month-old puppy was left on the side of the road. Despite everything, the pup refused to move from her box.

Facebook/Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

“She just sat there,” Dallas Dog wrote on Facebook. “Waiting and waiting hoping some one would come back.”

“She never left… she just stayed in the box waiting.”

She had been abandoned, left in the middle of nowhere by her owner — but the dog didn’t seem to know that, and loyally waited for them to return.

Facebook/Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

She didn’t budge — even though she was out in the sweltering heat. The temperature was reportedly over 104 degrees, with a head index over 110.

Thankfully, a neighbor found the dog and gave her water. She called animal control, who came and picked her up.

The dog was named “Harvest” — because the box she was found in was for “Premium Harvest Seasoned Diced Potatoes.”

Facebook/Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

Harvest was taken in by Dallas Dog. Even on the way to the shelter, the scared dog still refused to leave her box. When she arrived at her kennel, the shelter volunteers decided to just leave it with her.

“They left the box in her kennel because that was her security,” Dallas Dog president Patti Dawson told The Dodo. “You could just see her shoulders and body trembling from fear.”

Facebook/Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

It was clear the scared pup needed some extra love, so Dallas Dog urgently looked for a foster home.

Thankfully, they soon found one, and Harvest got to experience a loving home for the first time. Her personality soon began to shine through, and photos show how she traded her cardboard box for a cozy bed:

Facebook/Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

“It took her about a week before she really opened up, and she hasn’t slowed down or looked back since,” Dawson told The Dodo.

This dog hasn’t found her happy ending just yet: she’s still in foster care and looking for another family to adopt her for good.

But as Dallas Dog works to find her a forever home, Harvest is in good hands in her foster home, recovering and receiving plenty of much-needed love.

It’s heartbreaking that this poor puppy was abandoned, and that she waited so long for her owner to return. But she’s already come a long way since then, and we hope she finds her forever home soon!

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