Dad throws away daughter’s doll and drives away: Looks in the rear view mirror and realizes the horror

Christmas is usually the time that people get new pets, especially if they have a family. Giving the gift of a pet for Christmas can spread so much joy.

Unfortunately the commitment of having a pet like a dog is not always well thought out and so many animals end up getting dumped at animal shelters in the weeks that follow Christmas.

It’s heartbreaking to see animals sitting alone in cages confused as to why their owners have abandoned them. If they don’t get adopted many end up in high kill shelters and I don’t think any animal should have to end up in that situation.

With this in mind Hungarian director Zsófia Zsemberi created the movie Gift. Produced by Hungarian company Zoetis, the movie aims to make people really think before they adopt a pet.


‘Abandoned animals’


Zsemberi said, according to Bored Panda: “We made this short movie in order to draw attention to the abandoned, abused animals on the planet.”

Without words, the movie shows a red-headed girl being adopted by a family, but as time goes by she creates more and more problems for the family and they start to rethink their decision to take her in.

She gets into fights with the older daughter, bothers the father while he’s working on the computer, and messes up one of the rooms while playing.


One day they drive her somewhere remote and the dad throws away her doll. When she goes to run after it, the family drive away! What you then see in the rear view mirror should make us all stop and think.

Director Zsemberi added: “I truly think that it is just as important to understand that whatever happens to an animal could also happen to a child. It is also a known fact that someone who abuses animals is likely to abuse human beings as well.”

Take a few minutes to watch this heartbreaking movie. You will not regret it.


It’s so important that we really think hard before adopting a pet and this video is a stark reminder. Please share this story on Facebook to remind others and hug your pets harder.