9-year-old starts her own ‘Barkery,’ sells homemade dog treats to raise money for shelter

A passion for helping animals in need can start early in life, and it’s always inspiring to see kids finding such creative ways to help the pets in their community.

Like one enterprising 9-year-old girl, who has started a great new business that combines her two favorite things, baking and helping animals.

Caroline Wetherington of Chesapeake, Virginia might be young but she already has a thriving business in her very own “Barkery.” Yes, you read that right: it’s a bakery, but for dogs.


Caroline bakes her own homemade dog treats, and sells them online as a tasty snack for the pets in her area. But not only that, the proceeds go to a very good cause: she donates everything to the Virginia Beach SPCA.

“I wouldn’t enjoy baking as much if it was for a different place,” Caroline told WAVY.

“She’s been passionate about animals almost her whole life,” her mom Missy said. “Now she’s able to help use this fundraiser to fuel her passion.” 


According to the BARKery’s Facebook page, Caroline is taking orders through the end of the month. Customers can buy a large bag containing 20 treats for just $10, or a smaller bag containing 10 for $5. She also sells a rope tug toy.

Orders can be shipped or picked up in the Chesapeake area next month. For customers wanting to give their dogs a special homemade treat this holiday season, its a deal that’s hard to beat — with the added bonus of supporting a good cause.

Photos show the compassionate 9-year-old visiting dogs at the local shelter. It’s clear she’s determined to raise as much money as she can to help support them as they look for their forever homes.


Caroline’s goal was $1,000, and it sounds like she’s nearly there. She’s already used her funds to buy some items on the shelter’s wish list.

“To go into a pet store with $945 and be able to pick out all of these items from the wish list, she was beyond herself,” Missy told WAVY. “Very exciting for her.” 

If you’re interested in helping out this 9-year-old’s business, getting some sweet dog treats and helping out an animal shelter, you can see Caroline’s Facebook post for order information:

This girl is an inspiration. Thank you, Caroline, for finding such a creative way to help out dogs — we hope you get lots of orders!

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