7 surprising and secret ways your dog says “I love you”

1. Watching you leave calmly

Some believe that if your dog panics when you leave the house, it’s a sign of love but this is more about separation anxiety than that they love you. If your dog is calm when you leave, this is more of a sign that your dog loves and trusts you as it’s sure you will return, according to littlethings.com

2. Your dog meets you at the door

A sure sign of love is when your dog is overjoyed when you come home and meets you with his tail wagging while jumping all over the place.

3. Sleeping in your room

One way to know if your dog loves you is to observe where he wants to sleep. If your dog wants to sleep in your bed – even if he does not really get into it – then it’s a sign of love.

4. Staring directly into your eyes

When your dog looks into your eyes while you are playing and spending time together he is “hugging you with his eyes” according to well-known dog expert Brian Hare. When your dog looks into your eyes, the love hormone oxytocin is excreted, the same hormone released when a new mother is bonding with her baby.

5. Your dog yawns when you yawn

Yawning is contagious. But did you know this impulse isn’t limited to just humans? Dogs have been bred to read humans so also yawn when someone they love yawns.

6. Your dog comes with toys and tries to make you play

If your dog gives you his favorite toy, it does not just mean he wants to play, it’s a sign of affection and that he recognizes you as the leader. He wants to give you his favorite toy and thinks you appreciate it as much as him.

7. Cuddling with you after a meal

Most puppies are motivated by food, but when the food is cooked, his next action can be the second most important action to him. If your dog wants to cuddle with you right after he’s eaten, it’s a sign of true love.

Can you tick off all of the items on the list? Then you have no doubt  that your dog loves you.

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